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Faber released August Wolf released May Mickey Cochrane released June The Fenway Project Eds. Bill Nowlin and Cecilia Tan released September Mel Marmer and Bill Nowlin released July But sometime a plaque is not enough to tell one hundred plus years of history. It seems 7th Street was always a throughway for train traffic and a route for transportation.

I took the time to input just 9 members that lived in the Black Bottom and I mapped their addresses from their U. Census records.

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The outcome of the results was fascinating. It created a small, tight cluster that explained a lot about social boundaries and how communities grow. The history of East Bay baseball and the baseball stars that it had created, those who traveled between these two cities, would fight to keep that history alive, as best they could. One of the leading families in West Oakland, that very few people remember or talk about, was the Bercovich family, who owned E. Sam Bercovich stood by Flood, when others would not.

Moe Berg - Wikipedia

Even when he began to receive death threats. Sometimes through eminent domain- land is lost, and within that loss, so is history. In doing so, this new construction destroyed the a huge legacy belonging to a multitude of cultures with connected experiences yet to be explored. Yes, this modern mode of transportation which exist today, buried almost a century of African American history that intermingled with Chinese, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, Irish, Greeks, Slavs, French and Mexican, laid under asphalt and concrete, until that fateful day on October 17, Rumor had it, that between him and Charles E.

Slim and Raincoat were a big part of their distribution chain. I do realize that I talk about teams, leagues, and early African American baseball players that most people have never heard about, and that is because they all dwelled in locations far West of Kansas City and St. These untold tales about men most have never heard of are the ones that piqued my interest most of all, and by their shear design, they are stories that must be told for future reference and further research into their lives, and their particular narratives.

The California League began in West Oakland in , and played at the park called the Oakland Baseball Grounds , located between 13th and 14th Streets, with cross streets of Kirkham and Center. The music created on 7th Street is being heavily documented as we speak , but the baseball of West Oakland is being forgotten. Cal Ewing was a staunch defender of all-white baseball for the American public, and was known to have stated his feelings in the newspapers about African Americans sportsmen, playing the sport we all love so much. I hope to write many more stories about baseball in the West—very soon.

Baseball has many layers and stories.

Three lessons for genetic toxicology from baseball analytics

A long, long time ago in a city called San Francisco, there was this team called the San Francisco Giants. The year was ….

SABR 43: Baseball Scouting Panel

In , John W. They played predominantly in San Francisco as an Independent semi-professional team, that scheduled games with teams all over San Francisco and East Bay Area, most of them being Caucasian.

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This seemed to be the one-two punch, sports combination during the Great Depression, that most team owners, managers, and promoters worked on, trying to make an extra buck while pursuing their steadfast careers. Byron promoted every sport he could, while pursuing a career in the arts and entertainment.

He was a community builder.

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The U. Census states that John W. Bussey was born in , in Georgia. He lived in Oakland, even though he operated his law office on Sutter Street in the city of San Francisco.

Going Deep: Baseball and Philosophy

Beyond being a boxing instructor, he also taught law and prepared those who wanted to pass the bar exam with flying colors. In many respects, he was ahead of his time. He was one of the founding members of the Charles Houston Bar Association in Like Mayor Lionel Wilson of Oakland who became the first African American to sit on the bench in Alameda county, John Bussey who was his friend and his counterpart, became the first African American judge to sit on the bench in the county across the bay in San Francisco.

When Bussey decided that he would manage and play on the San Francisco Giants, and that he would stock his team full of as much talent as he could possibly find, he pulled them from the East Bay and San Francisco. Most of them were with the San Francisco Giants. Ernie Elliot lost this one against the Salesian Jolly Knights. Back then they just called them the San Francisco Boys Club. Joe was supposedly out of action with a career threatening knee injury early in , missing more than 70 games for the San Francisco Seals, but it is a known fact that he had played for the San Francisco Boy Club for many years prior to this injury.

Joe fell off the baseball grid in , and his career ending knee injury has possessed that quality of mystery. The question is, would he have picked up games with the S. In , there was an auction of his S. The ring itself proves there was a Joe DiMaggio stint with the S. There are two players on the S. Joe was a ball hawk, and he liked money. Joe bailed on his team, Rossi Olive Oil , and Dom was left playing with the guys that they started the team with.

Sandlot ball was a rough game back in the day. Especially during the Depression. Now, also in , Dom was senior at Galileo High School.

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Bussey a integral part of integrated baseball in America? We often discuss African American baseball West of the line that divides this nation almost in half, and both of us ponder the untapped territory of stories that remain untold. New stories that are also intrinsically connected past stories that have been repeated told the masses. The Salt Lake Occidentals is one of those stories. You might have heard of them before. Often referred to as the Occidentals of Los Angeles , is the name most people know it as.

All comers were accepted, along with the side bets that followed to make the games interesting. The quote itself has been retold any number of ways.

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The idea behind the story was true of many baseball players who were given the opportunity to play for the Kansas City Monarchs. Sammie Haynes also managed the Atlanta Black Crackers from to Mel Reid, nephew of Charlie Reid , is a baseball story in itself.

Johnny went on to play baseball, football, and basketball for the San Jose State Spartans. In according to Baseball-Reference. Israel Harvey suffered a dislocated knee, and Hamilton received a broken leg on a attempted double play. Baird , who in , was the main Kansas City Monarch scout, recruiter, and game scheduler when professional baseball was in its greatest transition.

The fact the Branch Rickey never contacted T. Y Baird was a wheeler dealer when it came to contracts and signing talent for the Kansas City Monarchs. I think the only time he ever kicked himself was for not have a long-term contact with rookie shortstop, Jack Robinson. It been said by those who knew of him, that Baird ransacked leagues all over the nation for African American talent, wherever he could find it, without any concern for the team or leagues he pillaged from.

Never the less, he raked Rickey over the media coal, because he felt slighted. Between and , Baird sold 38 of these African American players, 29 of them to Major League teams, making an exorbitant amount of return on his initial investment. Near his retirement date, he had the nerve to complain that all that was left was 4 ballplayers and a bus driver. Tim Rives essay on T.

Even with his connections to the Ku Klux Klan, posing as a political figurine, and the mere suggestion of being related to Cole Younger of the Jesse James-Cole Younger gang, speaks of how deep his connections to the Knights Of The Golden Circle really were.