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  1. Religion & Star Trek – Jimmy Akin
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Just watch the news and examine the current completely negative influence of religion in world politics. Your views are typical of one lacking in philosophical sophistication and critical thinking skills. Rodenberry is to be applauded for his focused criticism of religion. And that is all religion is — superstition, plain and simple with a good dose of ignorance thrown in.

Roddenberry was a typical secular humanist. He wanted absolute control over society. Nobody was to think contrary to him. Nobody was to act contrary to him.

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Sounds more like Nazi Germany than a Utopian paradise. The funny thing is, is that Gene totally ignores the fact that throughout human history it has been the people of faith Muslim astronomers, Christian artisans, Buddhist explorers like Zheng He, and others who have done the most to advance science and society. But who expects logic from a man like Roddenberry? Demons are constantly probing us to detect any personality flaws or traits that they can home in on and make flare up.

No prob, just turn a few stones to loaves of bread! Reminds me of a fan fic I was working on…. Basically, I ended up making the Pope a Vulcan.

Religion & Star Trek – Jimmy Akin

Scramble nightfighter squadrons and 29, all flak guns commence barrage with airburst fuses set to 20 thousand feet! But you aint even scraped the surface of religion in Star Trek. Just a note that you all missed commenting on Majel. I always figured she controlled Gene and worshiped herself, since she appeared in every series from the pilot for the Original, through to the computer voice on the last ones.

Not sure about Enterprise, and any appearances, I admit. She was a dominating force, always appearing when you least expected it. May she rest in peace, I hope she found Jesus before she passed on. You whin on about Star track. Wake up, look around you. Even when you talk about Jesus you talk shit. You yak on about Legalities you remind me of the Pharisees of old.

You yapped on for days about people going to mass with a cold. There were people like you in Palestine when Jesus was eating with sinners, and hugging lepers.

I will stop here, before my anger gets the better of me. Finding the truth is not always within our command. Sometimes, we have to let the truth find us. Nevertheless, before anyone else should jump in here and shout you down, pleased be assured that I and most people who read this blog take life and God seriously and we take you seriously.

(16 Videos)

People can get too caught up in the fineries of legality, true, but it is exactly at that point that we most need to learn to laugh at ourselves. I am afraid that if we cannot do that, we will never see any truth but our own. So, forgive us our occasional lapses into frivolity as we forgive you your lapse into anger. Forgive us our concern about the legalities that bind man and we will try not to forget that love binds us to you. The recent deaths reported on this blog remind me more and more of how much I have lived a Pinocchio existence and that, suddenly, without my permission and without any key to lock the door, that life will be taken away from me.

I hope by then I will have grown up into a real human being. I only know that it was because the Pharisees had it backwards that Jesus was angry: Okay thats a Deal. I am sorry for my out-burst.

The spiritual message hidden in 'Star Wars'

Some times I feel like crying. Our Church is Jesus and I just feel that sometimes we miss the point. Despite the injunction of the series 'to boldly go where no one has gone before,' most of space is full of cultures that have been there before.

Finding God (and faith!) on TV!

It frankly favours the human, albeit in an inclusive rather than an exclusive way. It also uses a number of devices to ask questions about how the nature of humanity is to be understood. We discussed the history of the world a lot at home. My parents taught me that there has never been any correlation between how true something was and how fervently it was believed. Sure, some things are subjective. This may be the best sandwich you have ever had or that may be the most handsome man you have ever seen.

Those are in the eye of the beholder. For those phenomena that exist outside of our perceptions, things like the way the Earth moves, the causes of illnesses, or the distance between stars, there were objective realities. Maybe undiscovered by anyone on our planet, but no less real. People once believed with all their hearts that the sun went around the Earth.

There are certainly things we believe right now that will someday be revealed to be hilariously or abhorrently ignorant. Our understanding changes with new information. Or at least it ought to. So if a person is interested in testing their preconceptions, in discovering how things really are and why, how does one go about that? My parents taught me that the scientific method is designed for precisely this job. My father was a scientist. He was the astronomer and educator Carl Sagan.

He and my mom, writer and producer Ann Druyan, taught me that belief requires evidence. This left me with something of a conundrum when my dad died. I had just turned fourteen. I longed to see him again somehow.

I would often dream of being reunited with him. Usually a misunderstanding or some kind of secret mission was to blame. The dreams would all end the same way. Follow us on Twitter Spacedotcom and on Facebook. Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more! And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: community space.

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