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Published online 16 October Abstract PDF Abstract.

Lesson 5: Leaving a Legacy | rietaivennoyci.ml

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Most Read Most Cited. In the afternoons they paint or play soccer, record gospel music or do electrical work. The goal of Agahozo-Shalom — where the children live in modern homes with running water, electricity and plumbing, have access to a large staff of teachers to social workers, and can spend their leisure time in green fields, a farm or a grove of banana trees — is to take high schoolers far from their trauma so that they may begin to confront it and help their country heal.

Someone else has a problem and I could be a solution to that problem.

Even though most of its residents are Christian, the village has something of a Jewish character. They rise as early as to clean their houses or attend sports practice.

Legacy: A Journal for Youth

After breakfast they attend school from 7 a. At the end of the day they have their homework and a range of extracurricular activities, from planning solutions to village problems to film discussions and environmental projects. One late afternoon last month, Yael Zaken, an American-born Israeli, stood teaching a group of students about the artistic movement of abstract expressionism, the way an image can convey an emotion rather than a realistic scene.

Surrounded by paintings by past and present students, she told JTA that art can help students work through their pain, even though some use the opportunity to draw machetes or guns. The village encourages its students to attend university after graduation, and a handful now are at colleges in North America.

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Kagame Jeaa, who lost seven siblings in the genocide and graduated from Agahozo-Shalom in , is working at the village this year and will attend McGill University in Montreal in the fall. Lanky and enthusiastic, Murwanashyaka says he wants to produce gospel music or start a business after he graduates.

If I know something, I share it with others.

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  • At Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda, Anne Heyman’s legacy lives on!
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David Suissa , Nov. I may have to rethink my decision to put on CNN in my office all day long. As much as I love keeping up with Tabby Refael , Nov. After five years of marriage and two children, surely, I argued, there had to be other options.


Legacy is a community of equality and compassion; our employees, athletes, families and friends must all stand together to help support our efforts and […]. Saturday, December 7, pm pm.

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Aging, Climate Change, and Legacy Thinking

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