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I hope there are thousands of fans out there who share my views and appreciate his magic. My own kids are no exception. They have grown up to his music. Whenever I have a chore to do at home, I put on an album on my portable CD player and it makes it go faster. It accompanies my assorted tasks in life. My wife gave me a fabulous player some time ago and a small carrying case for the CDs. They are all Hank Jr. The player and case travel my road wherever life finds me.

I may be in the car doing errands or visiting a friend or colleague; I might be at home vacuuming our above ground pool. It was nowhere in sight. It was that time of the month when the pool gets particularly dirty. Where could this player be? I looked by the pool, on the patio, in the garage, even the front steps. Someone had made off with my device. At dinner that night, after having vacuumed the pool to satisfaction, I brought up the subject.

I had to hold myself in check from getting irate. Okay, I know one of you has my CD player. I was deprived of Hank Jr. One kid looked particularly guilty and a little frightened, but I never resort to violence when I am angry. I resort to a good public scolding.

My son ran quickly upstairs to fetch the missing player and apologized profusely. He had a friend who was celebrating a birthday and he was invited to a little party with cake. He wanted to share his favorite music with the guests and took the player along so it could plug into speakers. The host obviously did not have one of his own. While I certainly understood this kind gesture, I made my displeasure known. He could have asked me first. I think he will next time.

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Meanwhile, guess who was assigned the pool cleaning chore for next month. In fact, the next two months. If he wanted to listen to music while executing the task, he would be deprived. My CD play and case go with me at all times. If anyone felt the need to have music in their lives, they could save up their allowances and buy their own. It was a message clearly understood. While I putter around the house, I put on some Hank Jr.

Any excuse to ignite the music is great with me. I can be repairing the toilet for all I care. There is always something that has gotten broken or damaged what with all the goings on around the house.

Todd Rundgren - The Last Ride Lyrics

After I had adjusted some creaky steps on the back porch and had painted a wall or two outside, it was time to address the Aprilaire air cleaner and humidifier I had bought for myself some time ago. This was more than a quick fix job. I intended to upgrade the entire HVAC system all by myself. I have had more than one DIY weekend in recent months.

Listen to The Last Ride now.

They are among my favorite pastimes. I had to force myself to drop everything and attend to bigger matters like a family reunion and a court date. Fixing the cooling and heating system involved some professional help. I was ready and willing to pay for assistance, but drew the line at the Aprilaire appliance. I love DIY weekends, at least most of the time given weather and time constraints that pop up. While some tasks are challenging, others are sublimely rewarding.

You feel a sense of accomplishment when you have finished a tough job. The more you do on your own, the more you save and the more satisfied the final feeling. Kudos go to anyone who goes this route. As for me, give me a humidifier any time and I will show my prowess.

It helps you breathe clean allergen-free air in every room. Ducted air purifiers work in tandem with your HVAC for filtering purposes.

‘The Last Ride,’ With Henry Thomas as Hank Williams - The New York Times

The unit has more filtration media than standard furnace filters usually one inch and requires modest maintenance. The humidifier I installed near my furnace with careful attention to instruction details seems optimally efficient with an airflow rate of 2, cubic feet per minute, also known as CFM. Banish pollen and mold spores! Away with dust and virus-size particles up to 1 micron and more! The unit sits out of site, but I know it is working.

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There is always something else to do around the house, garage, and yard. I am glad that I selected a reputable company for peace of mind. While his dad is a legend to many of those in country music, including those who influenced Hank Jr. While the two ladies would socialize, Hank would go out with Johnny and search for war artifacts and other memorabilia, sometimes in shops at antique places, and other times with a metal detector.

Talking about life in general and learning how to play the way Johnny Cash did in addition to how his dad had played opened different styles to Bocephus. This familiarity with different styles continued throughout his career. While he was growing up, there were many times that Fats Domino and others that sang country and the blues and other styles of music would visit their home.

This gave him the encouragement to be more outspoken with his music, although he never got as graphic as Elvis did. Willie Nelson is another true red-blooded American country great, and paved the way for Hank Jr to show off his patriotism in ways that make being an American cool again. He, like Willie, is also involved in patriotic activities outside of concerts. He also supports the men, too, but he chooses to actively support the women because they are often overlooked.

Audrey was a country singer herself, and understood that exposure to the country music world needed to happen at an early age. She would spend hours taking Hank Jr to different locations where he had been scheduled to perform for crowds, and praise him on his wonderful performances. Country music lovers, especially Hank Jr fans, owe this lady a great deal of gratitude. Without her, we would never have known the talents of her son. Audrey Williams might not be as famous as the two men of her life, but without her, neither of them would have been as successful as they have been.

He says he has few memories of his father, but enough friends and family have told him of his father that it is almost the same as having memories of his own. He started his love of music before he remembers. Friends of his father have told him about Hank Sr taking him to the Grand Ole Opry and tucking him into his open guitar case on the side of the stage so Hank Jr could watch his daddy play for the people. From the time he started singing to about , Hank Jr was doing great. Between his debut and the mids, Bocephus produced many songs.

His father produced about 25, but Hank Jr penned most of his and these came from his life experiences. This is one of the reasons why his music speaks to me so well. His longest lasting song was All My Rowdy Friends and that was a number one hit for about eight months, is probably my favorite.