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The story of Ireland’s capital is a fascinating one. Here we offer a bite-size history of Dublin.
  1. Her Story of Before – A Conversation with Susan Stairs |
  2. Review: ‘Before You Know It’ is a charming but messy take on family love
  3. Review: ‘Before You Know It’ is a charming but messy take on family love

Praise for Susan Stairs can't wait for the next!!!! I have won this book as a giveaway and shall update this review when I have recieved the book and read it. Dec 14, SWC rated it it was amazing. I like going along the library shelves and reading book titles until I come to a book whose title and introduction intrigue me enough to check out the book.

Such was the case with this book. The story is told from the viewpoint of 11 year old Ruth. Ruth has an older brother and older sister and soon arrives a new brother. The story of 'before' had enough intrigue to keep me reading until it became 'after'. This was a very well written book. The story of Ruth, living in Ireland in the 's and the events that took place after her family moved to a housing estate.

Her Story of Before – A Conversation with Susan Stairs |

The author has evoked such a feeling of atmosphere that I felt transported into Ruth's world and partly back to my own carefree childhood days when we ran in the streets till dark, our parents not knowing where we were, but assuming all was safe and well. Until it isn't Oct 25, Books-I-Love rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

First of all, I want to congratulate Susan Stairs for making this remarkable book. I really loved the book and still don't know what to do now 'cause still having a hangover.

She was really smart in doing the twist and everything. I didn't end up crying because I was mad at a certain character and I was shocked in what happened, and still can't believe that HE really did it. Moving on She is very observant and has an inborn feeling about things, and she told her siblings Mel and Sandra both 12 years old that something bad will happen this year. Especially at first, they didn't believe her, but as days pass by, what she said was true.

Someone died in her family, her new baby brother Kevin was thrown from the top of the tree by Shayne Lawless. He has no heart. I am also angry at Ruth. It is because she left her brother in a pram outside the graveyard JUST to find her cardigan that slipped off Kevin's legs. Who would ever do such a thing? Except for Ruth.

I thought that she was really clever in sensing that bad things are going to happen, well she is, but she was really DUMB in thinking of leaving her brother even for a while. Why did she still do that? She once left her brother outside the store to buy HP sauce, and when she went back, her brother was missing! I thought that she wouldn't do it again, even though she found her brother at the green a large space where kids hangout and where certain activities were held in the arms of David O'dea a fourteen-year-old boy but ended up as a sixteen-year-old boy which makes him the eldest of the kids hanging out the green.

Of course she was mad and couldn't believe why he done it. When she came near him, Shayne Lawless suddenly said that why did David get Kevin and knowing that Ruth would get mad. Of course she brought Kevin home with keeping her mouth shut of what happened. Their whole neighborhood got mad at them when days passed by. No need to elaborate. Then David fell off a tree breaking his left wrist making him unable to compete with his piano competition. A news spread that he deliberately threw himself for him not to compete with the piano competition.

I mean, who would do such a thing? David I guess. You know what? Why not read the book, it's more detailed than what I am telling you here, hope you understand still having a hangover from the twist. Just comment if you liked the review. Sorry for crushing your very expectations of this book, and please don't blame me for telling you.

It was your fault by the way.

Review: ‘Before You Know It’ is a charming but messy take on family love

Not that I knew back then what the bad thing was; and if I had - if I'd known one of us was going to die - would there have been anything I could have done to prevent it? I play back in my mind, over and over. The clues were all there.

Before the Story - Deltarune OST

Ruth and her family have just moved into their new Dublin home, away from the house that her Daddy g "I wonder today how no one else could see the bad thing coming. Ruth and her family have just moved into their new Dublin home, away from the house that her Daddy grew up in which became too small for them when baby Kevin was born.

Kevin arrived early, on the day that they moved to the new house, he lived there for all of his life. Ruth can often tell that something is going to happen, just little things usually, but this time things feel different; whatever is going to happen is going to change their lives, but Ruth doesn't know yet what it will be.

Susan Stairs has created an extraordinary voice in Ruth, she narrates this story with the innocence of a child, but the insight of someone so much older. The sense of both the 70s era and the insular neighbourhood of the Dublin suburb are beautifully observed, the reader is transported smack bang into times when children had more freedom, the summer was long and hot and parents didn't have to worry. Although this is a story of heartbreak and tragedy and features much sadness and the problems that families tend to hide behind their front doors, it is also Ruth's story.

Her family is strong, her parents love one another, her older siblings are close and Ruth feels a little left out. The arrival of baby brother Kevin, is a turning point for her, along with trying to fit into the already closely formed friendship groups on the new estate.

Review: ‘Before You Know It’ is a charming but messy take on family love

Ruth makes many mistakes along the way. Choosing the wrong boy to befriend ultimately leads to the incident that will shape the family for ever more. The Story of Before is an engrossing read that I really found difficult to put down. I found myself living Ruth's life for her and hoping against hope that her instinct that something bad would happen was wrong. This is an outstanding debut from Susan Stairs that will keep the reader turning the pages late into the night.


I was lucky enough to have been sent this book direct from the publisher. When I received it i decided to get straight at it and I began. This story is told through the eyes of Ruth, a sibling living in the 's in Ireland. Ruth feels left out as her older siblings are so close, this is until Kev comes along, she is left to look after him on numerous occasions.

It is an intriguing read and to be honest I didn't think much was happening, however it was Susan Stairs building tension, she has created a I was lucky enough to have been sent this book direct from the publisher. It is an intriguing read and to be honest I didn't think much was happening, however it was Susan Stairs building tension, she has created a vivid read and I felt I was part of the family. From reading the blurb I knew something bad was going to happen, when reading the book as I was looking out for something it gave lots of twists and turns as I thought I knew what the bad thing was, but then I was wrong - something else was then in the frame to be it, however I was wrong again.

This kept me reading as I wanted to know what it was! I found the story originally difficult to get into as like I said I felt nothing much was happening, however there became a turning point in the story where suddenly everything made sense and I understood. From this point I whizzed through the book and couldn't put it down.

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I cannot believe that this is Susan Stairs debut novel as I felt the way it has been executed was very good. I would urge others to read this book as it will stay with you for a long time and I cannot wait to read more by Susan Stairs You can read this review and more at mrsbbooks Jan 21, Cal rated it liked it Shelves: book-challenge , This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This is a difficult book for me to review as I loved it up until a certain point - but once we reached the pivotal moment that the whole story was leading up to, it made such a huge, painful impact that I could no longer continue to read for some time as I was crying so much. Yes, we were warned 'something bad' was going to happen and that it would involve a death, but nothing could have prepared me for what actually did happen and that it would involve the murder of a baby.