Manual The Weekend Gamblers Guide to Texas Shootout (The Weekend Gamblers Guides Book 4)

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This casino was not bad at all however they ended up being one of those casinos which eirther paid you or did not, they always had a problem when it came tyo climing the free bonus offers and the wagering requirements were way too high. I did really enjoy the games at this casino.

College Football Week 9 Betting Guide: Odds, Picks and Value Bets

We all look forward to the weekend and the relaxing days it brings with it, but what could be more relaxing than an awesome online casino bonus? Millions and Jackpot Pinatas slots. An intriguing story of forbidden love and dark desire leads you to untold wealth in Immortal Romance, this 5 reel, Ways to Win slot. My Touch Casino is the best mobile casino in the UK, with a wide range of casino games and exciting slots. The site features interactive games, videos, contests, virtual labs, and activities. JokerCasino The number 1 online casino with the highest bonuses and free spins!

Our are the perfect add on for your event. I am all about discount gambling. He finnally hit a big hand but was way down still.

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Saw a royal at seat six yesterday. Played Pala for an hour and a half on Sunday. Hi Tom! I saw a sick hand today Viejas.

For McCain and Team, a Host of Ties to Gambling - The New York Times

He pairs his 8 on the turn to make KKK The river is a low blank. He used some expletives for a while. The local casinos are definitely better than the Strip casinos for comps and player rewards. Here in the greater San Diego region, we have a dozen or so casinos. Maybe you can look into some off-the-strip casinos like the Silverton.

They are pretty liberal. They started out asking us but now I ask them after I have played a few hours. By the way. You really have to watch the dealers close. I saw too many pushes being raked the other day.

Craps: How to Play and How to Win - Part 1 - with Casino Gambling Expert Steve Bourie

Almost as if it was a new house strategy. I honestly played less then 20 hands.

I won 3 hands. Lost about every all in, and really I only won 2 hands but dealer paid out a a hand she had me beat. It was as bad as I ever ran in that game in a long time. If you are getting annoyed with other players ridiculing your play at UTH, ask them if they have ever played heads up poker, or made it to the final table. Do it with your best game face, and watch how they react. I was pleasantly surprised that, unlike the machines I described in my earlier post, the Blind bet was full-pay even money on a winning straight , making the game identical to a real table. Unfortunately, the Trips paytable was also the worst possible one for a full house.

Some very suspicious bad beats throughout the night. The worst one actually happened twice…I bet 4x on K6 suited. Another player has pocket sixes the cards are all face up on the machine. The dealer…just happens to have the last remaining six with an Ace kicker. What are the odds? But it was still very disheartening. The best possible Trips paytable on a full house, 0. Dealer shuffles by hand after each round.

Just a good atmosphere in general: friendly dealers, speedy drink service. I will be playing there March th for March Madness. Hey guys, a heads up for those in San Diego. I just got an mailer from Barona and inside it me said due to popular demand, Ultimate Texas Hold-em will be added to the chipless roster. Not sure when it will be, but I will for sure keep an eye out. Now there really in a reason for me to go to Viejas, other than the buster Blackjack bet. I went to Pala for the first time this week. I have never seen such conservative players and it was all encouraged by this smarmy little twit dealer.

I had players sit down next to me and ask me to give guidance on what hands to be betting. The entire table would roll their eyes at me and basically call me crazy for playing hands pre-flop like K-J os, A-J, and even A-K. I kept telling him he was wrong, but unfortunately every damned time I would bet with a nice pre-flop betting hand I would get cracked. Seriously, some of these dealers need to shut their mouths sometimes. There are several traits I hate in a dealer, but the worst is fishing for tips. Otherwise known as slow-rolling which would get you a punch in the mouth at some cash games.

And an example of a trait that is excellent for a dealer. At Pala, there was one dealer who was very sloppy pulling the board cards, players cards and her own cards out. Several times I could see the first card of the board as well as at least one of her cards which is kind of important since at Pala all cards are out before you even look at your hand and make a decision. What do they think? That people reads hands as poorly as they do? I fold. Its my decision to expose my cards to the table, not the dealers.

The tables above say you can call a paired scare board with nut kicker, but on an unpaired scare board, you need at least bottom pair with 4th nut kicker. I just finished training as a dealer, and will do my best to not do any of these oddities. Some of the dealers are starting to recognize that I last a lot longer on a buy in than most even if I do lose it. Lately some have even told newbies to ask me to help them.

I shrug my shoulders whether I win or lose. Just wondering if anyone knows the odds for these three hands with all 5 cards being shown plus your two cards….

What Are the KenPom and Sagarin Rankings?

The odds to make these not be put on the board. Royal Flush Straight Flush Quads.

No. 5 Oklahoma (-24) at Kansas State

Hey Stephen. Great website. You were 2nd seat and I was playing 1st seat two asian guys. We were talking about playing x4 preflop strategy from this blog and you told us you were Stephen and is the blogger. That was awesome. Love this game, but usually lose until last September after reading up on the strategy. The dealer had straight flush with 9h.

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  8. LOL so sweet!!! Of course I remember you guys! Keep teaching them how to play up there in Seattle! Are we taking nominations for the most annoying UTH dealer? If so, mine is an Asian male at Encore who opens the hands of every player once they play or fold, and offers commentary—usually wrong, by the way—about their decisions. So irritating. I played about 10 minutes before giving up and walking over to Wynn.

    click Good dealer there.