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German-American Discourse on Politics and Culture
  1. Film als Kunst: Mit e. Vorw. zur Neuausg (Fischer Cinema) (German Edition)
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Social, moral, religious, but also aesthetic views that define a community of belief, be it Maya, Catholic, or the belief system of the natural sciences.. One side sees hard facts, the other social facts.. What does this mean for academic conversations in the framework of the Anthropocene?. As a result of Basel III, the loan terms a company is offered will depend to an even greater extent on its credit rating.. This is based on hard facts such as profitability and net equity, but also on other factors such as management quality and active communication..

On average men live five to six years less than women and more than five men die prematurely each hour from potentially preventable illnesses.. Wirtschaft — Kontroverse oder Zusammenspiel?


Nicht nur harte Fakten wie Economics — Controversy or interaction? Addressed were also hard facts such as , jobs as well as 17 billion Euros of added value that in one form or another are directly related to Sport in Austria.. Intangible values such as fair play, loyalty and a high degree of identification that are of great importance especially in the positioning of brands, were also part of the outcome from the discussion.. We are using the following form field to detect spammers.

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Film als Kunst: Mit e. Vorw. zur Neuausg (Fischer Cinema) (German Edition)

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Schlagwort: Machine Learning

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Are there only German speakers coming? Would love to come by and also possibly discuss things related to hitchwiki and so on. Maybe we can create a more detailed general event-page or something? This makes it fun Moin, why categorizing back all the city articles to Cat:Germany? There, you go to the different states, and find the cities in there.

Ok, it might be confusing for people who don't know in which states cities are located, but for that a we have the city-template in the Germany article. If there is a more detailed category Hitchhikers from Can you please, please, please do something about Sigurdas?

His changes may be well intentioned, but to me it is vandalism! My user page is my user page and from what I've seen, I'm not the only one who thinks about things this way and he has no right to put his completely undiscussed changes on it! If making me a sysop allows me to protect my page, then please make me a sysop, I'm currently unemployed and have been doing quite a bit of editing already, so you can see what I've done. Q2, maps: I painstakingly put a Google map for Oostende on the page for my current place of residence, it's now a openstreetmap.

Q3 Can you add the wikipedia character insertion box, so that it becomes a bit easier to add foreign characters, markup, symbols etc? As one of the people with plenty of experience with statistics, I'm currently writing an article about the development of my statistics programs, from their very humble 5-tables per trip output to the somewhat over-the-top stuff they spew out now.

Can you give me some guidance about article limits i. Also, any suggestions as to where to put it? The main statistics page seems to be just an idea-gathering place Prino , 14 November UTC. Especially the service area Goldene Bremm in saarbrucken was a hit. Hope to see you sometime on or off the road. When are you going? And can I come too? Someone left me a comment saying you could maybe put a link to it on the wiki.

I'm a hitchhiker and spiritual seeker, travelling currently in India, soon to head for Nepal and, if the Lord be willing, Tibet.

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I flew from Teheran to Delhi and went on hitchhiking, the destinations in India you can see from my blog. This is my third trip hitchhiking in India and the second time I come from Finland mostly hitchhiking. I 'cheated' on four occasions: boat from Sweden to Poland, bus in Turkey from Sivas to Erzurum , train in Iran a driver insisted on buying a train ticket for me from Esfahan to Bander Abbas and a bus in Pakistan from border to Quetta.

I did my first trip to India in If you now got interested in hitching in more exotic places, I truly recommend Turkey and Iran.

The hospitality of the people in Islamic culture is amazing - the first time I was in Iran I hitched here and there for 3 weeks and only one night I ended up sleeping in a guest house - otherwise the drivers or others I met, walking around in smaller villages for example would always invite me to their homes. From User talk:Guaka : I have some questions about Hitchwiki maps.

I was searching through, but i couldn't find any up date info. First of all is it possible to edit other users spots.